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    Welcome to FYIC. Celebrating the beautiful contrast of dark and light skin. Feel free to send submissions, comments, questions, or stories. Follow, Submit, Ask or tell, Beautiful archive!!

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Swirling *___*
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  • My swirl buddy
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  • Most of the time, we’re 481 miles apart. However, when I do get to see her for several days at a time, it’s like I never left. She means everything to me. 
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  • My Haitian King <3 
I am beyond words, I just thank God for him each and every day. 
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  • Anonymous asked : your description says the contrast of dark and light skin. why not dark and dark skin? dark and darker? couples can be interracial and still "dark" or brown..

    i definitely agree with you. in whatever skin pairing an interracial couple may have, there is [usually] a darker and a lighter tone. so to keep the description concise, it simply says dark and light skin, whatever definition that may be ^^ perhaps i should add “whatever definition that may be.”

    i’ve been accepting submissions from all sorts of interracial couples for over 4 years now~~what you see here is what has been submitted :) that being said: keep ‘em coming!!

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  • The other day I was taking the bus home with my boyfriend, Than a white or Hispanic couple gets on board & Just stares at me & my boyfriend he is (black & I am white), They start saying “Why is she with him?” “maybe its for sex?” Than they just start laughing . So I start laughing too  in a mocking way & Gave them a dark glare I know this was wrong on my part but it made me feel sorry for them, How & why can people be so stupid & closed minded? do they think its funny? Because its not. Its pathetic….. Soon after our ride was over my boyfriend looked at me & Holds my hand right infront of them & Tells me I’m beautiful. They put their heads down in shame or embarrassment so I look at them & laugh. Than we had a beautiful day together.

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  • Our Love is Real. <3
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  • My wonder boyfriend and I.
He’s German and Italian.
I’m African American, Native American, French and Irish.
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  • Anonymous asked : please remove my photograph from the first page of this very offensive website please. I do not want any of my images or my name to be associated with this site in any way. Thank you. Evelyn

    I’m not quite sure to which picture you’re referring. Also, this website is not meant to be offensive or pornographic; it’s actually quite the opposite. It’s meant to be supportive of interracial love and relationships. Anyways, send me the link of the picture and I will gladly remove it.

  • These are my parents. They mean just about everything to me, and they’ve been through so much over the twenty-five years they’ve been married. My grandfather disowned my mom for marrying my dad because he’s of African and Latino decent. We’ve had our car dismantled by the KKK, and my brother and I have been called abominations, but through it all, my parents love has been a beacon for what life truly means. I gladly embrace my mixed heritage, and know, no matter who I decided to spend my life with, race will be the least of my concerns, because my parents have faced hate, they’ve faced fear, and they have faced discrimination with a smile on their face, and their hands conjoined. 
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  • Two years on October 11. He’s my best friend, my lover, and my world. :)
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  • She’s Monae and Im Stevie
im the one in the uniform…. we try to be cutting edge with the whole interracial lesbian couple thing ;)
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